When to use UV coating on your print projects.

You can use many types of paper stocks and applications for printed projects. Take a look through your stack of mail. Some are thick, some are thin, some have textures, some have shine.

You can literally feel the difference.

If you want your print project to shine and to have added durability through delivery or extended use, you might want to ask your printer about UV coating.

The process involves applying a liquid coating to printed paper and curing it under ultraviolet lights. This adds a high gloss appearance and a layer of protection. Your design’s colors will pop and the message will live a bit longer against wear and tear.

Of course, UV isn’t for every project. If you would like for folks to be able to write on your finished piece, UV coatings make it difficult; ballpoint pens will roll right over the sleek surface without leaving a pen mark behind. Metallic inks or foil make it difficult for the UV liquid to cure. And folding without scores can cause cracks in the coating.

Or, you may choose to UV just a portion of your project such as the front of a postcard, or a book cover. The technique also works well to make your rack cards, one-sheets, business cards, promos and inserts stand out. UV coating is not waterproof, but it will help prevent damage from moisture such as packaging for cold materials.

If you want to add UV for that extra special shine that will help your project last, choose a heavier paper or card stock and talk to your printer about what works best for your project’s look and feel.

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Team TC