We know that in lean times companies need to be cautious with their budget, but it’s also true that strong marketing efforts and staying in front of the customer equal long-term success. It’s always possible to save money on marketing while still gaining new customers and thriving. Here are four ways to trim your costs without sacrificing quality.

Carefully Proofread

Mistakes and typos cost money. Avoid unnecessary service charges by carefully proofreading your artwork. It’s also a good idea to have a “second pair of eyes” double check your own, as it’s often difficult to see your own errors. This extra step is a worthwhile time investment that saves dollars.

Re-think Your Ink

Ink colors are an important factor in your project. Often, you can save on costs by dropping from a three-color to a two-color process. Another consideration is to go from color to black ink only. Conversely, there are times when adding another color is actually more cost effective if the press is already set up with four colors. It’s a good idea to ask if there are any ways you can change up the colors to save money.

Change the Format

Creative thinking can be cost effective. Would a postcard suffice instead of a brochure? Test a different format of marketing material with your audience and then analyze the results. You might be surprised to find that you don’t always need to spend more to get an effective response.

Tidy Up Your List!

We all know about Marie Kondo and the magic of tidying up your house, but the same could be true of your mailing list. Decluttering your list will allow you to only print what you need, and will save you money, both on the printing and on the postage charges. That should definitely spark a bit of joy!