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Nine FAQs

How do I save my file for printing?

The best way is to save the file as a PDF. Almost all programs offer this either as a save as option or as an export. When saving your file choose (High Quality Print) as the option and remember to click on bleeds and crop marks.

I know what I want but have no way of creating a digital file. Can you help?

We have designers on staff or we can suggest one of the many professional design teams we work with to help create exactly what you would like.

What resolution do my images need to be?

The optimum resolution should be 300 dpi. Images pulled from the Internet are usually only 72 dpi and will not reproduce well. Purchased images should be 300 dpi at their final size.

My files are in RGB format. Can I print with that setting?

RGB files will not print properly and need to be converted to CMYK. This conversion will cause some color changes. Blues and yellows are affected the most. Red, Green and Blue are what are used in monitors and Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black are the inks used in color printing. We can make the conversion for you, but a proof will need to be reviewed to see the shift in color.

I want the background to run to the edge of the page. How do I make that work?

In printers language this is called bleeds. What that means is that when you place your image or color on the page it needs to go beyond the edge by 1/8 of an inch. In some programs that will mean that you will need to make your page ΒΌ larger. If in doubt just give us a call and we will gladly help.

When my project is ready to print how do I get files to you?

The best way is to compress the file using Zip or Stuffit software and then utilize our upload option on our website. If you wish to bring it in we can access most transfer devices.

How will I know what my project will look like when it is printed?

We send a PDF proof of every job, but the only problem with that is if your computer screen is not calibrated properly the image may vary from what it will print like. If color is critical then the other option is for us to supply you with a hard proof that will represent the finished piece. If the color is really critical we offer the opportunity to check the piece at the time of printing.

What is the minimum quantity you will print?

With our digital press we can print as few as one

How do I get my order once it is completed?

You can always come by and see our smiling faces and pick it up or TC Printing offers free local delivery.