Sacramento Printing Consultation

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In our initial conversation we’ll determine what is required to make your vision happen. The questions we ask will depend on the type of custom printing project you need and the circumstances that apply.

From there, we’ll work with you to decide details like paper selection, choosing the best substrate, printing dimensions, and what the printing method should be.

Working Together Step by Step

We love talking with you to understand your project before printing is started, as this helps the transition from design to print. Even if we’re brought into the scene towards the end of the design process, never fear. We’re printing ninjas and have been providing corporate and private printing services for over 40 years…there’s no situation we haven’t experienced before. You’ll get the highest quality print service in Sacramento at any stage of the process. That’s how we roll.

With that in mind (killer projects and ninja printers) only when we fully understand the parameters of your print project, will we commit to a print cost estimate. Because your project is unique, you will get unique attention, so it’s normal practice for us to research first and quote next.

If you need help with file preparation, we can do that too. Whatever it takes to bring your vision to life.

Finally, once we have a detailed plan of everything you need and have agreed to the printing price, your project will move forward into production!