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Envelope with Bleed on 3 Sides

The digital press can print envelopes with a bleed on 3 sides (we promise we don’t slash-up the envelope 3 different ways like some bad movie… bleeding refers to the ink going all the way to the edge of the sheet). This capability is not possible with any other equipment!

Usually, envelopes with bleeds are printed flat and then sent off to an envelope company to be converted into… envelopes. Envelopes printed on the MGI have more sticking power (pun intended), as everything stays in-house and the cost-savings to you, the client, are dramatic.

Every design is unique, and we love a good consultation to bleed-out any challenges. We want to be sure that the envelope blood transfusion metamorphosis goes smoothly.

OK, no more bad puns, we’ve had our fun. Now bring forth your amazing envelope designs for the mighty MGI!